Sills on missions in Latin America

Dr. David Sills writes a very timely article here about missions in Latin America. There is still a lot of urgent work to be done there. If you are interested in missions or care at all, please take time to read this.

Here is an excerpt:

“Rather than leave, our ministries should change. We must train theologians, prepare pastors, teach teachers, and disciple disciplers (2 Timothy 2:2). As we train them, we are ensuring their protection from the cults and false religions that will seek to deceive and win them. As Latin Americans feel called to reach, teach, and preach in their own and neighboring countries, let us train them to the work. They will do it better than we ever could once their heads, hearts, and hands are prepared for the work.”

make a difference

I believe the Bible teaches that Christians can and should be difference-makers in their own little circles. I am not saying everyone should be a superstar, but I am saying that the focus and quality and intensity and sincerity that Christians should exhibit due to their indwelling Holy Spirit and high view of God, his holiness and calling, should be making a difference wherever they are.

I want to be a difference maker.

Here is a little inspiring story of someone small making a difference.

I recently heard of a 4th grade boy who is making a big difference at his school in his classroom. This particular public school allows each day for a 20 minute ‘free reading’ period. During this time students are allowed to read anything they would like. Often kids read comic books, sports books, novels, etc.

Well, this particular 4th grade boy decided he wanted to bring his Bible and read it during the free read time. Knowing the tension between public schools and the one true God, this student first asked his teacher for permission to read his Bible. The teacher told him he was allowed to read his Bible because it is a ‘free reading’ time, and students are allowed to reading anything of their choice.

So the next day this student brings his Bible to school. When ‘free reading’ time comes, he reaches into his backpack and pulls out his Bible and proceeds to read it.  The student sitting next to him notices that he is reading the Bible. So this new observant student asks if he can too.

Sure enough. So the next day, these two neighboring desk students are each reading their Bibles in the public school classroom during the ‘free reading’ time.

Over the next several days, it began to spread. As of last week, the last I had heard, there were now six 4th grade students in that class boldly reading the Bible during the ‘free reading’ time.

One young student took a small step and is now making a big difference.

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.” –Isaiah 40:8

let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” -Matthew 5:16

c.s lewis on legalism

This excerpt is full of wisdom. All of us ought to worry about our own flaws and fixing ourselves a little more and then worry about others a lot less.

Click here for it.

School Of The Week: Fairdale – Video – WLKY Louisville

School Of The Week: Fairdale – Video – WLKY Louisville.

Over the last several years, our church has worked a lot with the local high school. One of the ways we do this is by feeding some of the sports teams pre-game meals.

Well, this year we really have grown in our relationship with the Fairdale High football team. We love the players and coaches, and we are proud to be a church that supports them.

Fairdale was chosen as the school (or team) of the week by tv station WLKY.

whats in a name?

I have been thinking some about names. Names mean something (or at least they should).

Please click here to view our family blog and read a short post about our kids names and Whats in a name?

taking care of widows & shut-ins

Recently our church has spent some days cleaning yards for some of our ladies. Several people have worked hard to rake and bag leaves. It has been some hard work, but all have enjoyed the time serving together.

The Bible teaches us to be united and genuinely care for each other. This is one small way to do that.

and yet another one

Please click here to see another article about how God is using Lecrae and others to spead the Gospel.

This may be the best article yet.

He says the Unashamed Tour presents 4 things:

1) Gospel Clarity & Depth

2) Gospel Humility

3) Gospel Quality

4) Gospel Impact

God is working through hip-hop

For years I have had my life impacted, challenged, and changed by the ministry of Lecrae, Trip Lee, Flame, & others in Hip Hop.

These guys are not rappers or musicians first. They are ministers of the Word of God who happen to use music for it. That says a lot. They are the real deal. They are committed to humility, Truth, and Jesus. They bless me so much on a daily basis. I am raising my sons (and our youth group) on their music.

Please click this link to hear more about these great folks and what God is doing through them. There are several of their videos here to watch.

I believe the earth is young

October 31st was Reformation Day, and committed Christians everywhere spent time remembering Martin Luther’s faithful commitment to the Word of God. It (the Bible), and it alone, is our authority. Nothing else. Not the church. The Word of God. That is where we get the great phrase Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone).

Well these days, there is much discussion about creation, evolution, and the age of the earth.

I believe the earth is young. I believe the Bible teaches that. And I believe that Jesus believed (or knew) that the earth was young. He created the earth.

In Mark 10:6 while teaching about divorce and referring to creation and the first people, Jesus said “But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.'”

In other words, Jesus says Adam & Eve were made at the beginning of creation not some millions of years after creation. At the beginning of creation. And we can trace genealogies back to get a good idea of how old the first people are.

So, I believe the Word. I believe it first and foremost. And I believe it teaches that the earth is young.