april fools day

The first day of April is celebrated as April FOOL’S day. Most everyone knows that. Many people enjoy pranking others to get a laugh on this day. This morning a good brother of mine got me really good with a simple text about sports. I fell for it. He replied with another text saying “April Fools.” Yall know how that goes. Its fun… just as long as the pranks aren’t too serious and devastating.

But I want to comment on the idea of a “Fool”. All day I have been absorbed with this word and its meaning. And that is because of what I know God says about a fool.

Both Psalm 14 and Psalm 53 state this very powerful and attention-grabbing truth:

“The fool says in his heart “There is no God.””

Webster’s Dictionary defines a Fool as = someone lacking in judgment or prudence.

In one of my devotional books, Dianne Neal Matthews has written very well in On This Day:

The Bible has a lot to say about fools. Proverbs alone contains numerous verses that describe fools– that is, not people who lack intelligence but those who have character defects.

Thinking through all of that is disheartening. I know some fools. I know many people who say there is no God. Also very sad, I know many people who are drifting in that direction. More than that, I also know many guys and girls who live like there is no God. I also know some folks who are quite sharp, educated, intelligent people but they have character defects. Its sad. Its foolish.

And still I am fully aware that were it not for God first loving me that I would not at all be loving Him. Were it not for Jesus being the mediator between me and God, I would still be hostile with God. But now because of Jesus, I have peace with God. I am drawing near to God while He is drawing near to me. According to God, that is not foolish. It is humbling to know that a fool like me is no longer considered a fool by God.

As you celebrate April Fools Day, Don’t be foolish! Believe in God!

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