book review, 2 quotes

Kevin DeYoung’s review of Rob Bell’s new book Love Wins came out yesterday. You can read it here.

While many men and women have countless opinions on countless subjects, God has already spoken. God speaks for himself. His Word is true. And I believe that. I form my views, opinions, and beliefs based on what I read from God in the Bible. Here are two quotes I like from DeYoung’s review.

“The good news is that in love God sent his Son to live for our lives and die for our deaths, suffering the God-forsakenness we deserved so that we might call God our God and we who trust in Christ might be his children.”

“Look at God’s people in the garden, then kicked out of the garden; God’s people in the promised land, then booted out of the promised land; God’s people in the New Jerusalem, then the wicked and unbelieving locked outside the New Jerusalem. Trace this story from tabernacle to temple through the incarnation and Pentecost and the coming down of the new heaven and new earth and you will see that the Bible’s story is about how a holy God can possibly dwell among an unholy people. The good news of this story is not that God loves everybody everywhere and you just need to find Christ in the rocks all around you. The good news is that God over and over makes a way for his unholy people to dwell in his holy presence, and that all these ways were pointing to the one Way, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

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