your light will shine will all else fades

Life is hard. I am really aware of it from two angles.

One, I work with so many people who are having such a hard time, and my heart breaks for them. I pray and labor for the Lords grace to be poured out on them.

Two, I am a aware of my own personal shortcomings. I am not perfect. Jesus is, and I am so thankful that through faith in His work I can be forgiven and re-made. I often feel down and discouraged knowing that Christ is worthy to be exalted in our lives and that I do not at times reflect this. The Lord is the lifter of my head.He surely is. I know He is worshipped in my repentance and prayers as much (maybe more) than in my faithful obedience.

I say all of this to point out that I do love Jesus very much. Primarily, because I need Him so much. I need his love and forgiveness. And He gives it. He loves me so much. He loves me so very much. His Word and His cross prove that to me over and over and over again. Wow!

This song often expresses what He puts in my heart. “Not to us, O Lord, Not to us, but to you be the glory!”

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