life is not the best

Last night for our Sunday evening service, I planned to preach through Psalm 63. But every once in a while I allow for the whole congregation to have the liberty to raise their hand and share any and everything that they would like to with the rest of us. It is really good to hear people speaking about encouraging and refreshing things in their lives through their walk with Christ.

Well last night, this carried on long enough that I was only left with about 10 minutes to preach. So I shifted gears a bit and explained verse 3 of Psalm 63.

Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.”

There is a comparison here between God’s steadfast love and life. David, the author of this psalm, says that God’s love is better than life.

The point I wanted our church to grab hold of and completely digest and stand rooted and established in  is that LIFE IS NOT BEST. It is not!

While things in this life may be good, they are not the best. And while things in this life may be bad, there is something better.

Life is full of good and bad. But we all should know that the lottery, and parties, and relationships, and new cars and cell phones are Not the best thing ever. Just like we know that polar pops, and drugs, and stolen air-conditioner units is Not the best thing ever.

The love of God in Christ Jesus for us is so good. It is so lasting. It is so refreshing and restoring. It is so sin-forgiving. It is so peace-bringing. It is so unlike-anything-else-this-life-can-give.

The love of God in Christ Jesus is the best!  Paul knew that. That is why in Phil. 1 he could say “for to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” For those people who know God’s love, they are fully aware that this life is not best.

So, lets resolve to never ever allow our lives and thrills to send the message that Life is the best thing ever. It is not. God’s love in Christ Jesus is!

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