Self-control is the last fruit listed in the long list of the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23.

In Paul’s small letter to Titus, ‘self-control’ is mentioned 5 times. Titus only has 46 verses in the whole book. Clearly, self-control is an emphasis.

  • Elders are to be self-controlled. (1:8)
  • Older men are to be self-controlled. (2:2)
  • Older women are to train the younger women to be self-controlled. (2:5)
  • Younger men are to be self-controlled. (2:6)
  • The grace of God has appeared and trains us to live self-controlled lives. (2:12)

A life that is out of control lacks the presence of God and has no assurance of being filled with the Spirit of Christ. But when self-control is evident, one can have confidence in God’s Spirit being at work in his life.

If your life out of control? Are you raging in some areas? Turn to God. Repent of it. And see the Spirit of God bring self-control to you.

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  1. Pastor,

    I love the post. Self- Control is huge concerning our walk with the Lord. Thank you for making this available.

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