there is joy…over one sinner who…?

I found this verse (luke 15:10) again today and was reminded of how wonderful it is.

For so many reasons.

The angels of God in heaven celebrate and rejoice when someone gets saved.  That is true! Its amazing! The Bible explains salvation as passing from death to life, escaping the judgement, and being made a child of God. That is certainly good news and deserving of some rejoicing.

*When was the last time you were involved with someone getting saved? Think about it. Has it been a while? Why? I want to see more people saved.

Another reason why I so love this verse is because it speaks of salvation in the term of “repents”. We know that the Bible says we are saved by faith. And I have often taught that Faith & Repentance are 2 sides of the same coin. Both deserve full attention. We cannot be so into believing that we neglect emphasizing repenting.

**When was the last time you were involved with someone repenting? Think about that. Has it been a while? Why? These questions are the same as the ones asked above.  A sinner repenting is the same thing as saying a sinner getting saved.

Lets be those people who understand repentance. We look for it in the lives of real believers. And we rejoice like heaven does, when we see it.

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