what sports taught me about life

As I grow up I am seeing more and more that the many things I learned from playing sports while growing up, actually have helped me a great deal in life. Here are 4 phrases that mean a lot. These phrases came from my years in basketball, but they certainly apply to life as well.

  1. Pressure can bust a pipe. Pressure can be very hard. Life is full of pressure. Life is hard. It all depends on how we handle the pressure that will determine whether or not it busts us. Life is hard, not horrible. When we make bad decisions, the pressure can bust us,  and then a hard life becomes horrible.
  2. Never too high, never too low. In our good days, we know worse days are coming. In our worst times, we know better times are coming. The key is to remain steady and constant. Don’t be influenced by your surroundings or circumstances.  Decide who you want to be… and then be that person. Don’t allow people, or stuff, or circumstances cause you to be too high or too low. Instead, stay steady.
  3. When you lose, say little. When you win, say less. It is always wise to let your words be few. Let your life and actions do the talking. If you lose, don’t make excuses. In fact, say very little. If you win, Don’t talk about it. It has always been true… Actions speak louder than words.
  4. Next one in. When I would do hours and hours of shooting drills, my coach would make us yell out “next one in” after every single miss. (I have already taught JJ this when we are practicing shooting on his mini hoop.) Saying this caused us to quickly forget the miss and quickly look on to making the next shot. It taught me optimism. It taught me confidence. It taught me to not let something bad, like a missed shot,  discourage me too much. There is always another shot coming, and if I am effected by the last miss then I will be no good for the future shots. Therefore, in our struggles, we press on, looking to whats next… better things.

I believe sports are powerful. They were powerful in my life. These four phrases helped me then in sports, and more importantly they help me now in life.

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