position in Christ, or not

The Bible only tells of us two positions that people can be in spiritually:

  1. For God in Christ
  2. Not for God

In our life experiences, this often is muddy or hard to distinguish. For we all know good people who are not committed to God, but they really seem to be good people. And we also know Godly people who have done some bad things. And of course, there are numerous situations in between those two too.

But when we look into the Bible, God’s Word never tells of any other positions possible than the two named above. All people are either 1) For God in Christ or 2) Not for God. Biblically speaking, it is as simple as that.

As we try to figure out which of the two we are, we should know that the Bible teaches that #2 (Not for God) is the default position. All people began that way. If you are #1, it is because God has done a gracious work in you. If you are not sure, then you are probably still in the default position, Not for God.

In John 3:16-36, we have this default position explained well. There are 4 points:

  1. ‘Not for God’ because you’re perishing (v. 16)
  2. ‘Not for God’ because you’re condemned…already (v.18)
  3. ‘Not for God’ because you don’t have new life (v.36)
  4. ‘Not for God’ because the wrath of God remains on you (v.36)

In 3:16, the Bible says whoever believes in Jesus can have eternal life instead of perishing because perishing is the default position. That means you are ‘not for God’.

In 3:17-18, the Bible says Jesus did not come into the world to condemn world but instead to save the world. He did not come to condemn it because it is condemned already. The world is ‘not for God.’

In 3:36, the Bible says whoever believes has eternal life but whoever does not obey shall not see life. The reason being that belief will bring new life, and the absence of belief and obedience leaves you in the default position without life and ‘not for God.’

And in 3:36, the Bible says if you do not believe then the wrath of God remains on you. Not that it may come to you late, but that it remains on you now. That is because the default position for all people is being ‘not for God.’

Now lets look at the first position, #1 ‘For God in Christ.’ In Philippians 3:12-16, we will see this #1 position explained well. There are 4 points:

  1. pressing on to be ‘For God in Christ’ (v.12)
  2. straining forward to be “For God in Christ’ (v.13)
  3. pressing on toward the goal of being ‘For God in Christ’ (v.14)
  4. holding true to being ‘For God in Christ’ (v. 16)

To summarize all 4 points, the default position is strong, but God in His grace calls people out of death and into life. Out of darkness and into light. When God does this, saves someone, they go from being ‘Not for God’ to being ‘For God in Christ.’ And being ‘For God in Christ’ has a very distinct look. It is a pressing on, straining forward, and holding on tight. If ever one decides to let go, the fall right back to the default position. Sadly, it happens far too often. Why? Because people don’t understand the Bible’s claim that there are only 2 positions. One is the default position and it is not a good one. The other one is Awesome, but it is a holding on tight for sake of saving your life.

If someone was drowning in a fast moving river and a helicopter came to rescue them, the helicopter would drop the rope with the float at the end and yell__________! What would they yell? We all know. They would yell “GRAB ON!” And once the person grabbed on, they would yell___________! What would they then yell? We all know. They would yell “HOLD ON TIGHT!” At the very moment that they let go, they would fall back into the water and die.

So is the Good News of Jesus, do not stay in the default position of being ‘Not for God.’ Instead, Grab hold of Him and the forgiveness of sins he gives, and do not let go. Hold on Tight to Him and so prove to be ‘For God in Christ.’

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