God is enough

Lecrae came out with a new CD recently. Its called Rehab. It is one of my favorite CDs of all time. It is so good. I am learning and growing so much in my life with Christ from this new solid Biblical hip-hop music. (I plan to write a post soon on why I think you should consider listening to this music too.)

His music teaches me so much. Real quickly, all of us know the power of the preached Word in our lives. Preaching the Word is so mighty in our lives. Well the amount of lyrics in a rap song is so many that it is like a sermon. So when I listen to even 10 minutes of Lecrae or Trip Lee or Flame, I am loaded with Truth. It has honestly been life changing to me over the last few years.

One of the songs on the new CD is called “God is enough”.

Here are some of the lyrics that impacted me today:

“Used to want a lot of things, all the stuff thats on TV
Education, cars, and clothes, Fashion lights and jewelry,
(Focused on the wrong stuff) now I got my eyes on You and now I know that
God is enough/ (3x) You are enough/ Never too much/ more than enough/
God is enough/ You are enough for me”

That is only the chorus. The lyrics to these songs are so loaded with Bible, Jesus, Cross, redemption, and life.

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