2 questions regarding mission work

Everytime I hear of someone doing mission work, I always have 2 questions.

It doesn’t matter whether it is short term trips, career work, or even missions studies.
The 2 questions are:

1) Are there believing people there?

-By that I mean is the church there? are there redeemed folks there? Is the Gospel being trusted in? Are their true born-again followers of Jesus there? Are there people who love Jesus there?

and 2) Is there Biblical Gospel Ministry being done there?

-By that I mean is there a witness there? Are there people working there? Are there people preaching there? Is someone telling the Good News of Jesus there?

These 2 things are the two most primary issues concerning mission work and the spread of the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ.

As you hear more and more of people doing mission work, be sure to ask these 2 questions.

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