God & Laziness: 4 ways that we are lazy

I continue to be impressed and inspired by God’s Word. While many make the excuse that it is boring or hard to understand, I find it engaging and very applicable to life.

Just last week, while reading Proverbs 26 on October the 26th, I noticed this again. God talks about laziness. Being lazy is a necessary topic for so many people. God knows how to connect with us. God knows how to deal with us. Not only does God address lazy people, but he gives the lazy person a name. God calls the lazy person the sluggard!

Here are characteristics of the sluggard – 4 ways that we are lazy:

  1. The lazy person makes excuses. (26:13) The sluggard should be out doing something but instead he says there is “a lion in the streets.” That is an excuse. There is no lion in the streets. That is a lazy excuse for why he is not doing what he should be doing.
  2. The lazy person wastes time. (26:14) The sluggard should be up and at it. The sluggard should be out of bed but instead he is just lying in bed turning over like a door on a hinge. That is lazy and a waste of time. There are things to do.
  3. The lazy person is not fit for good works. (26:15) The sluggard tries to do something but is unable.  He puts his hand in the dish to bring the snack back to his mouth but is unable to. He is too lazy to do the deed. Many of us wish to do better. We want to exercise more, give more, eat less, sleep less and so forth. But we are not fit for it. We want to do it, but we have not put ourselves in position to do the thing we want to do. That is being lazy.
  4. The lazy person thinks he knows best. (26:16) The sluggard thinks he knows better than everyone else.  Even though many people with more knowledge, more experience, and more effort are telling him what he needs to do, the sluggard will not listen. He thinks he knows best. You cannot tell the sluggard anything that he doesn’t already know.

The Word of God is awesome. And it is profitable for us. In Proverbs 26 it addresses laziness. May we not be lazy. Lets live for God’s glory!

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