7 Characteristics of Christians and Suffering

Life is hard. Most people know this. It is not always hard. But hard times eventually come to almost everybody. And when we do find ourselves in the midst of suffering, we need to have a good strong understanding from God about our suffering.

Yesterday I preached on Christians and suffering. You can listen to that sermon here.  The sermon is from 1 Peter 3:8-17

Here were my 7 points: 7 Characteristics of Christians and Suffering

  1. Christians have an identity that is stronger than their suffering circumstances (v.8)
    -Brotherly Love
    -Tender Heart
    -Humble Mind
  2. Christians do not react defensively toward suffering/afflictions/wrong doing (v.9)
    -Instead, Christians bless people.
  3. Christians live life to the fullest (enjoying life) because they know God (vv.10-12)
    -These verses are a quote from Psalm 34.
  4. Christians do not always face suffering for doing good (v.13)
    -Some people are recognized and honored for the good they do.
  5. Christians are ready to explain why they have such hope (v.15)
    -People will recognize our hope in our suffering, and they will ask us where that hope comes from. Christians are ready to tell them!
  6. Christians have a good/clear conscience (v.16)
    -Many people live with a guilty conscience. They have fear, guilt, shame, anxiety, etc. God removes that and gives a good conscience to those who trust Him.
  7. Christians think it is better to suffer for doing good rather than to do evil. (v.17)
    -Because of the hope that Christians have in their Great God and Savior, they are willing to suffer to the glory of God.

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