Pic-Pac is closing. Thank you, Mr. Nichols!

By now you have probably heard that Fairdale’s IGA Pic-Pac grocery store is closing for good.

This will be a sad day for Fairdale. Pic-Pac, owned and operated by the original owner Mr. Bill Nichols, opened its doors in 1979. For the last 36 years, everyone in Fairdale has been served by Mr. Nichols and his store.


I recently wrote an article for our January Church Newsletter about the impact of Mr. Nichols and his staying, serving and working in the same place. Click that link to read it.

My 2 points in that newsletter were 1) We should learn how to appreciate people and 2) We should learn Faithfulness and Dependability. Mr. Nichols’ life in Fairdale has taught us both.

Just last week, I was honored to represent our church in joining with our Councilwoman Vicki Welch and several other community leaders in surprising Mr. Nichols at Pic-Pac with a plaque of recognition for his service to the Fairdale community.

All I have ever known is Pic-Pac being a huge community supporter!

Change is inevitable. Time goes on. But on behalf of everyone in Fairdale, we say Thank You Mr. Nichols!


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