He Is Like a Tree

“He is like a tree” is a powerful Scriptural compliment.

What does it mean?

Who is it referring to?

What does it mean to be like a tree?

This statement comes from Psalm 1.

The person who is “like a tree” is the blessed man. But what makes this person blessed?

With a strong statement, the blessed man is first described by what he is NOT. 

  • He does not listen to the wrong people (he is not someone who walks in the counsel of the wicked)
  • He does not hang out with the wrong people (he is not someone who stands in the way of sinners)
  • He does not get caught up with the wrong people (he is not someone who sits in the seat of scoffers)

The blessed man is not judgmental, hypocritical, legalistic, too good, high-rolling, holier-than-thou or whatever else. But there are some things, some ways, he is not!

After saying what the blessed man is not, Psalm 1 then tells us what the blessed man is: one who delights in the Word of God and meditates on it day and night. Thats it! Thats all it says! Psalm 1 says more about what the blessed man is not than about what he is!

Then in verse 1:3 it makes this great statement referring to the blessed man = “He is like a tree.”

What a great Scriptural compliment!  A healthy tree. A fruitful tree. A prosperous, blessed man. He is like a tree!

Do you know anyone who is “like a tree”? Does anyone come to mind that is strong, healthy and fruitful “like a tree”? Do you have anyone you admire because of their delighting in the Word of God?

If you want to give an encouraging compliment to someone, tell them “You are like a tree.”

May God continue to raise up more and more men and women who love His word that it may be said of them – he or she is “like a tree!”

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