Begg on “Laziness”

Most mornings while in the car, I listen to Alistair Begg preaching. Its on the radio at 8:00am on 94.7 FM. Lately he has been preaching from Proverbs concerning issues like friendship, honesty, procrastination and laziness.


This morning he was preaching on “Laziness and Procrastination.” It was a great message. You can listen to it here.

Here is a quote that stuck with me:

“Laziness is a sin. God made us to work. …

As parents we have a great responsibility in this … the challenge for us is to breed children that are known for the quality of their work, for the consistency of their attendance, for the honesty of their endeavor, for the extra-mile given in the place of their employment. These simple things will increasingly be the marks of the godly as our world gives up on the standards of God’s Word.” 

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