Resurrection Eggs Video with my son

My wife has been teaching our kids about the Resurrection of Jesus. She uses a dozen Easter eggs to help them learn it. It seems to work really well. Here is a cool video of Noah (3 years old) explaining what each of the eggs mean.

  • Egg 1 = a leaf – the people waved palm branches as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey
  • Egg 2 = some bread – for Jesus and the Last Supper with the disciples
  • Egg 3 = some money – silver that Judas took to betray Jesus
  • Egg 4 = a sword – Peter used a sword to wrongly fight for Jesus
  • Egg 5 = some ropes – they whipped and beat Jesus
  • Egg 6 = a crown of thorns – they placed this on Jesus to mock him as a king
  • Egg 7 = a cross – they nailed Jesus to a cross, crucifying him
  • Egg 8 = 3 nails – they used 3 nails to hang Jesus on the cross
  • Egg 9 = a spear – they stabbed Jesus’ side on the cross to confirm his death
  • Egg 10 = some cloth – they wrapped him in white linens to bury him
  • Egg 11 = a stone – they closed up the tomb with a stone
  • Egg 12 =  is Empty – to show that the tomb is empty. Jesus is alive!


*The video is full of “Spanglish.” I hope you are able to follow along.

**Also, sorry it doesn’t exactly fit on the blog.

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