Sledding in the snow

Valeria and I took our children out to play in the snow. Tom Wallace park in Jefferson Memorial Forest (The lake in the background was frozen over. We were able to walk out on it.) located right here in Fairdale is an awesome place to go sledding. As these videos show, They loved it!
family pic snow day tom wallace


Here is JJ going down the big hill. (Notice that he clips Eli at the bottom!)

Here is Eli going down the big hill. I think he went the farthest!

Here is Noah going down the big hill. (I am proud of him. He recently turned 3 years old, and he was brave to go.)

And here is JJ & Eli going together! Two brothers who are the best of friends. They started spinning toward the bottom!

We had so much fun! I also was able to take our little girl, Carolina, down with me one time. She was smiling so big!

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