he made her heart sing for joy

Guys sure do have the ability to make girls’ hearts sing! Just the thought of that blissful moment can make you smile and laugh.

Like when I surprise my wife with flowers and then a dinner date. And then we end the date with a nice walk downtown. I know that makes Valeria’s heart sing for joy.

Or when a young son excels in school and gets good grades along with a nice report from his teacher. You know the mother rejoices in her heart over that proud moment.

Or what about when a father is focused on quality time with his daughter. Like when I play on the floor with my daughter Carolina. And while laying on my back,  I lift her up on my feet and do “superman” with her so that she lights up smiling. That “kooing” sound she makes is her singing. I made her happy.

There are many scenarios we can think of where a guy has caused a girl’s heart to sing for joy. This is one of life’s great thrills.

But let me share one scenario with you that you may have never considered. A God-centered self-less others-focused scenario where a male caused a female’s heart to sing for joy = That is a man to a widow.

This is the occasion we read about in Job 29. Job is recalling how his life was before the tragedies. And in verse 13 of chapter 29 Job says “I caused the widow’s heart to sing for joy.”

Praise God! What a man! Most of us never even think of widows. If we do, we don’t do much for them. At best, we may write to them or visit them. But do we ever love on them so much that we cause their hearts to sing for joy?

This verse struck me as so strong. Job is the real deal. He loves God and wants his life to be used to show God’s love. Job made people see God. Job made peoples’ lives better. Even widows, single, lonely and often forgotten widows, are singing for joy because of Job.

I wanna live like that!

Whose heart could use some rejoicing today? Why don’t you be the one to cause it to sing?

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