NewThru30 impact already

The last 2 days, which are the first 2 days of the NewThru30 challenge for our church, have been incredible. I have been giddy excited to jump in and be reading God’s Word.

God has already caught my attention in some mighty ways. Wow, we are only 2 days into it!

Notice with me what I have seen as I’m reading through Matthew,

In Matt. 3:11, John the Baptist speaking of Jesus says he is not worthy to carry his sandals.

In Matt. 8:8, the centurion while asking for help tells Jesus “Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof”.

By grace, I echo both these men.I am not worthy of Christ. And that is why grace is amazing. And peace is beyond all comprehension. And mercies are new every morning. And love is greatest. Because Jesus has saved us who are unworthy.

My prayer is that there will be more people in Fairdale who confess they are not worthy of Jesus, and by faith love Him because worthy is the Lamb who was slain.

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