a few reflections on our church men’s retreat

This past weekend our church had a Men’s Retreat.  The church website post is here with a few pictures.

There were 22 different men who went on this overnight camping trip out on a 163-acre farm at Green River. The youngest guy who went was 14 years old and the oldest was 83 years old. And everyone one else was somewhere scattered in the middle of those two ages. This made for a great time. The church is made up of men from all ages, and the Bible teaches for older men to influence the younger men. Overnight camping trips is such a great way to deepen those relationships.

From what I am hearing since then and what I heard yesterday at church, all the men who went had an awesome time. Lives were impacted; relationships were strengthened; Biblical understanding of manhood & responsibility were heightened; and fun and happiness were increasing.

Here are a few of my reflections now that I look back over the retreat:

  1. Men love to still act like boys. We absolutely enjoyed skipping rocks, looking at stars, sitting by the fire, playing with the fire, etc.
  2. Men having good, strong, healthy relationships is so beneficial.
  3. Men like to be challenged when they don’t first feel they are being criticized.
  4. Younger men look up to older men. Younger men desire to be like older men in many ways even though many times they do not say it.
  5. Most men recognize the large amount of responsibility that they have in their lives.
  6. You get a group of men to sit around a camp fire and you can talk to them about the Bible for hours.
  7. Getting away from your stressful lives for even just 24 hours can prove to be so refreshing.
  8. Encouraging unbelievers to be apart of your trip can prove to be so helpful in deepening relationships in order that the Gospel may be further communicated.

We are already excited about the next Men’s retreat!


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