Fairdale Community News – Happenings

As a church, we are very interested in what is going on in the community. We love our town and want to see it do well.

Fairdale has such a “small town” feel to it that when anything big or new happens then everyone is talking about and energized together. So I am spreading this news to keep the energy flowing.

And so as a church, we are eager to celebrate with everyone when exciting new things are going on. Our church is happy to recognize anything good and positive that is going in Fairdale.

Here are three pieces of news that I have recently heard about or heard the latest on:


  1. March 24.  The new Fairdale Library will host its Grand Opening on March 24th at 1pm. Everyone is invited to this special event. The Library (pictured above) will be over twice as big as the former Fairdale Library. As you drive by, it looks very nice.
  2. End of March/Early April.Fairdale will be getting its first Coffee Shop. Over the years, I have heard so many people say they wished Fairdale had a coffee shop. Well it soon will! Stephanie Lanham’s flower shop, Fairdale Florist, is being re-modeled and will soon be a Florist and a Coffee Shop. I had a great conversation with her today about her new endeavor. Her shop will have a Drive-thru and WI-FI for customers who come inside for a doughnut and coffee. Her Grand Opening date is not set yet, but they hope for it to be open by April.
  3. Mid-April. With the new Library coming to Fairdale, it has left many people wondering what will become of the old library. Well today while in a community meeting, I heard that the Metro Arts Center (a part of Metro Parks) which is currently located on Dixie Highway will be moving into Fairdale’s Playtorium.  Honestly, I do not know a lot about the Metro Arts Center, but I am excited about all of the new things happening in our area.
The next month or so should really bring some positive changes to our community. I look forward to taking advantage of all the good options.
Now if we can just get that roundabout!!!


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