if a picture is worth a thousand words–then speak to me!

I took this photo last summer while we were serving in the jungle of Ecuador.

I don’t know anything about this young guy. I don’t know his name or his age.  All I know is where I was when I took this picture. We were standing right on the bank of the Napo river at the edge of the jungle in Ecuador.

I love this picture. I can’t stop looking at it. It grabs me. Here are some questions I have when I look at it and think about it:

*   Does he know his parents?

*   Does he have shoes?

*   Who are his brothers and sisters?

*   Does he get hugs or tickle-attacks from anyone?

*   Is his belly being that way a serious problem?

*   Is he hungry?

*   Does he have to be home by a certain time?

*   Does he have a home or a bed?

*   Would he like to play ball with me?

*   Does he like to sing?

*   Does he have a Bible?

*   Does he know the great stories in it like David & Goliath or Noah and the flood?

*   Does he know the best story ever – Jesus dying in our place?

*   Has anyone ever told him that God loves him and Jesus died for him?

*   Is anyone going to tell him that?

My mind goes racing with tons of thoughts about this boy. He is so cool looking. I wish I could adopt him. JJ and Eli and Noah would love to have him as a brother. I know they would. They speak his language already. Can’t you see him playing in their room?  Can’t you see him in our nursery at church? Or if hes older, cant you see him playing with all the kids at Super Church?

My heart is heavy as I think and type and pray. My eyes are misty as I feel God drawing my heart to go and give and live and love.

As I am ending this blog post, I am praying that God will work in your heart. That God will lead you to go on a mission trip. That God will lead you to adopt a child. That God will cause you to do something, anything with your life that will make a BIG difference. Maybe you could go tell this kid? Maybe you could be answer to most of those questions I listed above?

I am praying that God will use me and you for his glory. Please feel free to share this with anyone.

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