“the needs of these people press upon my soul…”

Lottie Moon was a great missionary to China in the 19th century.

Southern Baptist churches take up a special offering every Christmas season in which all of the money goes to support International Missions. This special Christmas Offering is named after Lottie Moon.

Our church is doing the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering throughout all of December and January. For the remaining Sundays, we will designate a small part of our Worship Service to helping our people become more familiar with Lottie Moon and her great zeal for Christ and His work.

Let me share a few excerpts from tomorrow morning’s segment:

“The needs of these people press upon my soul, and I cannot be silent.  It is grievous to think of these human souls going down to death without even one opportunity of hearing the name of Jesus.” 

“It fills one with sorrow to see these people so earnest in their worship of false gods, seeking to work out their salvation by supposed works of merit, with no one to tell them of a better way.”

Why does money fail to be forthcoming when approved men and women are asking to be sent to proclaim the “unsearchable riches of Christ” to the heathen? 

My, my, my, oh how I wish I could have known Lottie. Her fire for God is contagious even now!

You can read the entire piece here.

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