blessed by a teenage bike rider

Drew Dillman is a Senior at PRP High School. He is a very focused and gifted bike rider.

He is also a member of our church, First Baptist Fairdale.

Over the last few years, Drew has grown a lot in his relationship with Jesus Christ. He has become very involved in the life of our church. He and our Youth Pastor, Nate Martin, have become great friends. Drew was a Youth Summer Intern this past summer. It is a pure joy to see Drew growing into a godly man.

That is why this article is so cool. Drew is a big time cyclist. He rides various types of bikes, but his favorite is Cyclocross. He recently returned from another trip to Europe to compete in some worldwide competitions. While there Drew was asked to write a journal entry about his life, cycling, and the trip. You can click the link above to read Drew’s perspective on his life with Christ in cycling.

You can also click this link about Drew on the EuroCross website.

Drew is a fine young man. God is working in his life, and I am thrilled and humbled to be his pastor. You can pray for Drew as he is praying about what college to attend in the fall.


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