how do you hear it?

In Luke 8, Jesus tells a parable that applies to everybody.

He says that everytime the Word of God is spoken, or spread, there are 4 different ways that it is received or heard.

  1. Never wanted to. Some people hear the word and nothing happens. They hear but never want to respond to God.
  2. Used to want to. Some people hear the word and get excited. They receive it joyfully. But there is no root in them, and so eventually it dies out. Then they hear and dont want God.
  3. Want to but won’t or can’t. Some people hear the word and begin responding. But then worldly cares and persecution arise and choke them out. So their faith dies.  Then they hear the word and want to follow God, but won’t do it or cannot do it because everything is stronger or more important.
  4. Wants to and does. Lastly, some people hear the word and they respond by doing the word. They obey God. Jesus goes on to say this person bears fruit hundredfold. They hear the word and do the word.

This passage is also seen in Matthew 13 and Mark 4. It is incredible because it addresses everybody. Jesus is the best teacher ever. Only he could tell a story that means and effects so much.

So which are you? #1, #2, #3 or #4? How do you hear the word? What does the hearing the word of God do to you?

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Luke 8:8

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