smelling manly

It has been my experience that Brut deodorant is associated with manliness. Let me explain.

Over the past few years, I have been thinking through common characteristics of men that I see as manly. Brut deodorant was one of the commonalities. My dad and my grandfather are manly men in my opinion. Both have worn Brut some time in their lives and I remember that from childhood. My High School basketball coach was a very tough and manly man… and he wore Brut. (I can still smell that strong scent spreading through the locker room.)

Recently a good friend of mine lost his grandfather. (I had previously been discussing with him my observation that Brut is common among manly men.) Well He was telling me about how his granddad was in so many ways the most “manly” man he knew. That was even mentioned at the funeral service. Well a few days after the funeral, my buddy was going through his grandfather’s home and opened the medicine cabinet in the bathroom only to find…. Brut! It made my friend laugh. He had already told me how manly his grandfather was so it was only fitting that there was Brut in his bathroom medicine cabinet.

Another great example of this happened just last week in Ecuador. The career missionary there is in every way a manly man. He lives in the mountains; drives a truck; wears jeans, boots, and a Carhartt vest everyday; and never complains. Well we were all travelling on the bus one day and another buddy of mine (who I have had this same conversation with about Brut and Manliness) decided to ask the missionary if he wears Brut deodorant. The missionary hesitated like why in the world are you asking me this- it is not manly for men to ask men about their deodorant in public and then he answered “yes, I have some Brut deodorant.” My observation was further vindicated.

So…. in a day when all the young guys are looking for something sweet smelling like “Axe” or “Swagger” perhaps they should learn from those “manly” men before them and start wearing some Brut.

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