the 12 apostles

Do you know who the 12 apostles are? If you were to stop right now and think, could you name them?

Surely you know Peter and Andrew, James and John, maybe Matthew, Philip and Thomas too. But do you know the rest of the 12?

The 12 apostles are important. They were the men hand-chosen by Jesus after he had prayed all night. They were the ones Jesus would invest himself in and empower to go and spread the Good News throughout the world. The 12 apostles are also the ones in Revelation21 that will have their names on the walls of the foundations of the city of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:14) in Heaven.

So who are they? Well they are listed 4 different times in the New Testament. You can find them listed in Matthew 10, Mark 3, Luke 6 and Acts 1:13.

Well according to Luke’s list, here are the 12 apostles (get to know them):

  1. Simon (whom he named Peter)
  2. Andrew (Peter’s brother)
  3. James (Son of Zebedee)
  4. John (Son of Zebedee)
  5. Philip
  6. Bartholomew (Bartholomew is a last name. Bartholomew and Nathanael are the same person.)
  7. Matthew (He is also named Levi)
  8. Thomas
  9. James (Son of Alphaeus)
  10. Simon (the Zealot)
  11. Judas (Son of James; He is also named Thaddeus)
  12. Judas Iscariot

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