how do you approach a major decision?

Lots of people in our world today struggle with decision making. (Lebron’s “Decision” last summer)

It is not uncommon for you to hear someone say “I hate choices.” Or “I hate having to make decisions.” Decisions are often very hard to make. Especially when there are major ramifications to what you decide.

Well in Luke 6, we see a vivid picture as to how the God-Man approached making a big decision.

In Luke 6:13, the Bible says “he (Jesus) called his disciples and chose from them twelve.” Now we do not know how many disciples were there. Obviously it had to be more than 12, But we can assume it was quite a bit. 50, maybe 100 or 200, who knows. But the last few chapters of Luke have been showing a huge response and following to Jesus’ ministry. Regardless of how many people were there, Jesus had a huge decision to make. He was choosing from those disciples a select 12 that he would invest himself in and later commission to go and change the world through the Spirit’s power by preaching and spreading the Gospel.

Jesus’ choosing the 12 apostles was an enormous decision that was not to be taken lightly. So how did Jesus approach this big decision?

The previous verse tells us. In Luke 6:12-13a, the Word of God states “In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God. And when day came, he called his disciples…”

So before Jesus makes the world-changing draft picks for who his 12 apostles would be, he spent the entire night alone on a mountain in prayer to God. Wow! Alone. On a mountain. All night. In prayer. God led Jesus to choose those 12.

Next time you are faced with a big decision… who to date, who to marry, what to buy, how much to spend, new car, new house, new job, what school, what direction, and so on and so on… approach it the right way, the humble way, the surrendered way, the depending on God way, the Jesus way! Get alone and seek God in prayer, He will lead you!

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