so very serious

There are some places in the Bible that are so, so very serious. So intense that they can be disturbing!

Revelation 16:4-7 is one of these passages. This is the section of the 7 Bowls of God’s Wrath. These particular verses are the Third Bowl. This third angel is praising God while he pours out a Bowl of the Wrath of God. This bowl turns the rivers and springs of water into blood. While this is happening another angel cries out at the end of verse 6:

“It is what they deserve!”

SO SERIOUS! Any human being will have a hard time with someone being punished under the wrath of God. UNLESS their view and allegiance to God is big and true.

See, the Bowls of God’s wrath are not to be taken out of context… The seven seals of chapter 6-8 and the seven trumpets of chapters 8-11 are judgments also but they are warnings too. They are not final. They were judgmental warnings that were intended to get peoples’ attention to turn to God. But “the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent…” (Rev. 9:20) Event after event was happening and should have caused people to turn to God, but they refuse to turn to God. Instead they continue cursing God.

So it is fitting in the end, when the angel of God praises God for pouring out his wrath on sinners.

Its a hard truth. But God’s Holiness is at stake.

May we followers of Jesus, redeemed only by grace, be humbled by this reality.

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