the old testament is about Jesus – all of it

As I was reading the most recent Towers publication this morning, I found this article by Josh Hayes summarizing Dr. Mohler’s sermon at the recent “Gospel Coalition National Conference.”

Mohler’s address is about how the Old Testament is all about Jesus. For many Christians, this is hard to grasp at first. But I agree with Dr. Mohler. Here is a fantastic excerpt from his sermon:

“Burning bushes and staffs that turn into snakes; arks and animals and a menagerie afloat; dead animals and hewn bulls; rams in thickets, slavery in Egypt, bronze serpents, manna in the morning, pillars of fire and columns of smoke; convoluted history of conquests and kings, intrigue, adultery, murder, incest and frankly a preoccupation with bodily fluids; bears that eat boys, boys who kill giants, prophets who taunt idolaters, prophets who throw fits and prophets who sit by gates and weep; poetry that reads like praise and poetry that reads like existentialist philosophy; Persian writings on walls, foreign kings who roam like wild beasts and a prostitute who hides spies; spies who lose heart, women who summon courage, donkeys that talk and a strong man who commits suicide; stuttering leaders, naked patriarchs and majestic praise; predictive prophecy, lamentation, law, statute and ordinance, in all of its glory — and all of it revealing Christ, every bit of it.”

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