how much do you hate sin?

Last night at church we discussed this quote from Anselm:

“If hell were on one side and sin on the other, I would rather leap into hell than willingly sin against my God.”

This quote raised a good discussion. We had a few people quickly say they didn’t like it. They had good motives. They replied by saying they dont like sin or hell. Thats good!

So I clarified. If we define hell as “eternal suffering” and we define sin as “disobeying God”, which would you choose?

That put it into a different light.  I like the quote. That is the type of Christian I want to be. That is the type of Christians I want to lead our church to be.

  • God hates sin, so I should too.
  • Sin is not whats best for me, so I should pursue something better.
  • Jesus died for sin, so I should oppose it.

Loving Jesus and Hating sin are two sides to the same coin. How much do you hate sin?

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