my reaction to the announcement of Bin Laden’s death

As of Sunday evening, late, the whole world knew that the U.S. was announcing that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.

Just about as quickly as that news came, it appeared to me that most people were ready to announce via facebook, twitter, text, etc. their own opinions and comments about this historical moment. As I trust that you have already seen, some people celebrated, some were saddened, some doubt that it is true, some see it as a political move, some see it as a work of God, some it as saddening to God, some see it as good for the whole world, and so on and so on. There has been so much talk about Bin Laden’s death.

But as I have been following this huge news release, I found myself thinking about James 1:19 “be quick to hear, slow to speak”. Before we immediately get to commenting on it, Lets listen for a while to those who know and understand more about the whole situation.

This is a huge deal for America. This is a huge deal for Al Qaeda. And I think it is a pretty big deal for everyone in between.  And I realize that some people need to be speaking about it or else I/we would not have a way of being informed about it. But for many of us, I think the best option would be to take it all in, think well about it, pray about it, and then try to draw some good understanding and conclusions about it.

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