leading up to discipleship

This past Sunday I preached on Luke 5:1-11. You can listen to the sermon here.

As we are walking through the Gospel of Luke, Sunday after Sunday, we are really beginning to see what Luke meant in 1:1-4 when he tells Theophilus that he is writing this to him as “an orderly account” of the life and ministry of Jesus.

So in chapter 5 when we read (Luke writing to Theophilus) that Jesus is calling his first disciples, there is such a nice context. And there is such great detail to help us understand what discipleship looks like and where discipleship comes from.

Here are my 6 observations from Sunday’s sermon from Luke 5:1-11:

  1. “Pressing in… to hear the Word of God”   vv.1-3
  2. Obedience   vv.4-5
  3. Reward   vv.6-7
  4. Humility & Recognition  vv.8-9
  5. Fishers of men   v.10 (also check out Jeremiah 16:16)
  6. Followers   v.11

Followers of Jesus are not following Jesus blindly. Not at all. Followers of Jesus (disciples) are following Jesus because they have come to know him and understand him as the most awesome and satisfying there is. They see His worth, and so they follow Him.

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