“i was like a beast…”

It is common these days to hear a young person say that they are “about to go beast mode” on something. And I am not so sure, but I think it means that they are going to go wild and lose control on something.

So I found it very interesting this week when I noticed one of the Biblical authors saying this very thing about himself.

Asaph, the author of Psalm 73, says to God that he “was like a beast toward you”. (Psalm 73:22)

What is Asaph talking about? Well, Psalm 73 is amazingly beautiful and applicable to so many of our lives. Asaph is recalling a time in his life when he had become so self-absorbed. It was awful and pathetic. His thoughts were all me, me, me. It was a little pity-party, and you can read that in verses 4-14.

But then something changes in Asaph’s perspective- He starts to focus on God. Verse 17 he says “until I went into the sanctuary of God.” His focus and perspective changing from selfish to Godward made all the difference.

Then once Asaph is able to look at his bad attitude and outlook on life in a healthy way, he says in verse 22

“I was brutish and ignorant; I was like a beast toward you.”

Asaph admits that when it came to God, he was totally out of control with his life and focus. He was like a beast. It was selfish, wayward, depressing, and scary. See verses 2-3.

As I think of how few of people I know who will honestly admit being beastly, I realize that only God’s grace can cause someone to deny themself and be honest. I encourage you to read and re-read Psalm 73. It is good. When it comes to your life and God, Don’t go beast-mode against him.

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