Are you being what you should be?

I got all of this from Justin Taylor’s blog which is at

I love the idea that God has designed for all of us who are His witnesses to be in a certain place doing particular things. We all are not to be like each other. Be Who God has you to be, and Be content with that. I hope you like this quote.

From an interview with Michael Horton on his new book, The Gospel Commission: Recovering God’s Strategy for Making Disciples:

I think there has been a lot of anxiety and burnout—indeed, a new kind of low-grade legalism—as believers are given the burden of transforming culture. Most of us are called to making small differences every day in the lives of a few neighbors—like our spouse, children, extended friends and relatives, co-workers. Of course, we pursue our callings as more than jobs, but so do a lot of non-Christians. We are motivated by a concern to love and serve our neighbors, but a lot of non-Christians have a stronger sense of social obligation than we do. What if I’m a janitor or tree surgeon in Iowa rather than a Wall Street mover-and-shaker? Actually, most Christians are the former rather than the latter. I like Os Guinness’s line: “In terms of influence, the problem is not that most Christians aren’t where they should be, but that they aren’t what they should be where they are.” I would only add that it’s only by being regularly steeped in God’s Word, over the long haul, that this kind of maturity becomes something that others recognize even if we don’t.

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